Sunday, March 27, 2016

How to Build a Chicken Coop - 3 Powerful Techniques to Correctly Build a Chicken Coop

If you want to know about how to build a chicken coop, then you are absolutely not the only one who wants to know about this. It is a fact that many people are interested in building chicken coops in their backyards these days. With a good plan and effective materials (don't have to be expensive as well), then you will be able to build a chicken coop by yourself and your chickens can be safe and happy inside that coop.

Your chickens must be well protected

Your chickens need to be well protected from hungry predators. Besides, they need to be well protected from any bad weather conditions as well, such as, snow, rain, or heat. This is the reason why selecting the location of the coop is considered to be very important. Normally, a high and well drained area is highly recommended for you to build a chicken coop. In addition, you need to make sure that the coop can receive the sunlight directly. So, the coop can dry faster when it does rain.

When it comes to the heat, then proper ventilation is considered to be the key to help your chickens from this problem. When you are thinking about building doors and windows to the coop, sliding doors and windows are considered to be your good option in this situation as well.

Do not forget about the maintenance

When you learn about how to build a chicken coop, just keep in mind that the coop you build should be easy for you to take care of since it is possible that your chickens may be attacked by some diseases and sickness. So, the coop should be big enough for you to easily access in order to be able to clean it more often. Actually, there are some tricks that you can follow, so cleaning the coop should be an easy job for you. First, when it comes to the doors of the coop, you should push it to open, not pull it to open. Second, the floor of the coop should slope towards the door. When you are cleaning the coop with water, then it will automatically flow outside the coop.

The coop should be bright and warm

When cold weather hits, your chickens should be warm inside the coop. Well, there are also a few techniques to do so. First, the walls of the building should be properly insulated. This way, your chickens will be warm in the cold weather, and they will be alright in wet seasons as well. As previously stated, the chicken coop should be able to directly receive the sunlight. This is considered to be an easiest way to keep them warm in the cold weather.

Installing an electrical lightning system is also recommended. This way, you can see your chickens at night. Besides, this is also considered to be the heat source that keeps your chickens warm as well.

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